dallas wedding photographerWelcome to my website! One day I hope to tell you a little about myself in the easiest way I know how, through pictures…but for now, words will have to do 😉

A little bit about me…

-Multiple times throughout my life I have tried to have friends & family call me by my full name, but alas, everyone ends up calling me Beth (so you might as well too!)

-Always loved taking pictures (who doesn’t?) but it didn’t hit me until 2009 that it could become an actual career. Who knew?

-Two vices–diet coke and gum. Cannot go a day without either one of them. I know, I know, artificial sweetener is bad for you, but they’re solo yummy.

-Recent newlywed (6.11.11)–whoever said the first years of marriage were the hardest hasn’t met Charlie & I; it’s been a blast so far!

-Two ‘children’–my dog, Maxx and my cat, Nala. They are my babies and are spoiled rotten (just ask my husband).

-Obsessed with traveling. Specifically abroad. I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica and I plan to go there someday as well.

-Lived in South Africa for three months working at a primate sanctuary (it was on Dirty Jobs!) and an orphanage. Miss it sooo  bad.

-Secretly a hippie at heart; a flowerchild. I was meant to live in the 70s. ; )

-Have an odd liking for zombie movies/shows (The Walking Dead, anyone?!) and anything to do with dystopian societies.

-Still love YA (young adult) reads–The Hunger Games, Harry Potter (obviously)–basically anything that doesn’t end at just one book. And if it can be found on my kindle, even better!

-Love that photography enables me to meet people I would never had had a chance to otherwise. I’ve made some great friends from past clients and vendors-life has been good to me : )